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What about the possibilities?

A photobooth does much more than just taking pictures. Every image can be uploaded instantly to mail or facebook accounts, and high definition video is also possible. Check all of the solutions!


Install a noticeboard on which the second photo strips can be attached.
A nice souvenir which can decorate your home our company!


Instant Photos

The (by far) most popular application of the booth, is the printing of "instant photos".
Within 5 seconds the professional photo printer makes a perfect print, which can be made on full photo format or half photo format (the so-called 'photostrips'). When you choose the photostrips (most often), two identical photostrips will be printed per session. Your guests can either keep both photostrips, or take one and leave the other one for you.


Completely personalised

Of course all photos are personalised. Photostrips with 3 or 4 photos, with or without your photo below,... Maybe you have a particular house style for your invitations. We can perfectly adopt this style in the lay-out of your photos.



The booth is fitted with a digital reflex camera and a separate microphone, so high definition videos can be recorded as well. This way the booth can be used as a guest book, where all party guests can leave a short video message. Afterwards these videos can be compiled in a DVD.


Immediately online

All photos can be uploaded immediately to a mail, Twitter or Facebook account. Or maybe you have a special Facebook page where all photos can be sent to automatically? The multimedia appications are endless!


Personalised layout

Do you have a party in a special theme? We can integrate this theme in the layout of the photostrips and the props. "Green-screen" technology is also possible. Did you choose the theme "Paris"? Then we can add the Eiffel tower as a background on each photo and we add some typical French attributes.


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